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Sound Intelligent: Be Smart, Straightforward and Articulate


It is expected that you’ll sound intelligent if you are equipped for the task. Intelligence comes with knowledge. Now you know what it takes to be prepared. If a machine can have artificial intelligence, smart enough to assume a number of human functions, how much more a person who has all the faculties to ensure intellectual growth. However, it lacks consistency as it varies from one person to another.

Systems of artificial intelligence are way better in terms of accuracy and consistency compared to the human brain. Computers are designed for a specific task, and programmed to ensure 100% accuracy. It went through a series of tests, evaluations and dry runs before it goes to handle and process transactions. Remember, it will work on its own with minimal human intervention. Read More


Create Your Own Chat Bot with BOT Libre: Connect and be Trendy

Create your own Chat Bot with BOT libre, and boost your business to unprecedented growth. Have in place everything you need with the latest commercial bot platform specifically designed for commercial purposes.

Customer service would be enhanced with the availability of chat rooms and live chat facilities. For mobile applications and web apps, you can develop Twitter bots, email bots, Telegrams bots, Facebook bots, and even virtual agents.

Your company’s website will be more efficient with virtual agents. Aside from cutting costs for staff and personnel expenses, they can be relieved of stressful questions from customers who came back for their queries which can be handled by bot operators. Creating a virtual agent is easy and can be done quickly. Read More


Create a JARVIS-like AI Assistant: Reliable, Accurate and Secured


Create a JARVIS-like AI Assistant and certainly tomorrow is already far beyond ones imagination. Could you ever think of a digital assistant more advanced than JARVIS? Or simply a well-trained expert could ever equal its efficiency and accuracy in doing its purpose? Humans would appear less than JARVIS if faced with daily tasks in this highly advanced and competitive world of mankind.

Trend has been shifting from the conventional to the virtual world. How would you react then if at the palm of your hands, you got an app in your smartphone which would act as your digital assistant and is JARVIS-like in capacity and strength? Maybe you can survive even if you wipe out half of your staff and still not worry about security, efficiency and reliability. Read More


Create AI, Develop the Best Assistant and Go Digital


Create AI systems and solve 90% of your problems at hand. Need an assistant that is capable of multi-tasking, able to handle rush projects efficiently and stays on duty 24/7 without complaints of stress or boredom? AI assistant is the next best thing for you.

The world has gone competitive, highly advanced and fast-paced that half of the population across the globe are in danger of being left behind if they don’t equip themselves with the basic knowledge in a digital environment. Commerce has overhauled the way business is carried out. Gone are the days of conventional means of making transactions, of office appointments and meetings in perfect attendance. Read More