Create Your Own Chat Bot with BOT Libre: Connect and be Trendy

Create your own Chat Bot with BOT libre, and boost your business to unprecedented growth. Have in place everything you need with the latest commercial bot platform specifically designed for commercial purposes.

Customer service would be enhanced with the availability of chat rooms and live chat facilities. For mobile applications and web apps, you can develop Twitter bots, email bots, Telegrams bots, Facebook bots, and even virtual agents.

Your company’s website will be more efficient with virtual agents. Aside from cutting costs for staff and personnel expenses, they can be relieved of stressful questions from customers who came back for their queries which can be handled by bot operators. Creating a virtual agent is easy and can be done quickly. Just embed a bot to transact with customers at your website or in mobile application.

Live forum, chat room and chat channels will increase client’s access to your website. This would mean business growth as sales will improve. This is also available on android devices and create personalised mobile app.

Contact us and we will create and develop bots for your business needs. We can have it integrated with your mobile app or your company’s website. We handle virtual agent development, create android app, 3D animation and Avatar design and iOS app development.

This move will benefit both your customers who can save on transaction cost and your company can be more efficient by providing automated support 24/7. Customer service is levelled up, clients will increase as they are happy with the service and operating expenses are lessened.

At reasonable charges, BOT Libre offers a wide range of services as follows:

Develop your own bot, make a choice from a number of bot templates in the library.It is kept secured with restricted, private and hidden access control. Categorize and tag.

With bot, communication is never a problem.

Chat anywhere, anytime in chatrooms and through live chat channels. Chat is fashioned with real voice and emotions, it could be through email, from your own mobile app, Twitter or on IRC

With speech recognition and realistic voice,

chat is never better than this. You will have mobile language and voice of your choice and it allows to have conversations through Google Chrome or on mobile.
Improve your Facebook account with BOT Libre.

Automate your Facebook Page and cater to comments and feed posts. Plus you can chat in realtime at Facebook messenger. And postings becomes easy with its scheduled auto-posts feature.

Monitoring bot’s conversations are easy.

You can review, monitor and correct conversations. It is easy to filter flagged phrases, responses and conversations.
Bots are multilingual.

It has the capacity to learn various languages. You can choose any voice language.

We provide a new phase of excellent service to clients as we strengthen connection and open easier communication channels through social media, mobile, web and more. All these are equipped with competent artificial intelligence component, and never hesitate to allow them to act as your business front liners.