Make People Believe Youre Secretly an Artificial Intelligence


Make people believe you’re secretly an Artificial Intelligence. Make your responses prompt, accurate and systematic. Strictly follow a format and a defined course of action similar to a pre-programmed transaction. You should be more disciplined than a human being. With artificial intelligence, mastery is never a problem.

Artificial intelligence should simulate the workings of a human brain, however, in this case, the tables are turned. It would be a human being simulating the capacity of artificial intelligence which could be more challenging.  Here’s your guide on how to do it and certainly no one will notice the difference!

a. Think like a computer. Condition your mind that you are a robot. And what makes it different from a human brain? Almost a 100% accuracy on transactions that are programmed in it. Anybody who transact business via computerised systems expects zero errors. Or else it would lead to quality issues. Now you know how and what to prepare before you fashion a computer personality.

b. Focus on a specific number of functions. Robots are programmed for a specific task. No impromptu transactions or else it would fail to respond. Hence, you should be available for just a specific program of action but ensure that you are capable of it 100%. Artificial intelligence is reliable as long as it has all the necessary elements to function, so it is expected of you too.

c. No room for errors. Mastery and efficiency matter here. Artificial intelligence promptly supply the desired information in just a click of the icon. And it must be accurate.

d. Use the language of computers. Artificial intelligence uses terms different from human conversations. Enrich your vocabulary with these words and speak like a technologically advanced manufactured robot that can almost simulate the human brain.

e. Straightforward. Robots are straightforward at all times. It analyses data based on programmed categories, matches the inputs with the format and immediately deliver results. Emotions are limited to a yes and a no. Just a positive or negative feedback.

f. Keep a monotone voice in conversations. Computers do not change voice tones regardless of the change in topic. It handles a tragic data similar to a victorious one. Emotions are yet to be included in an artificial intelligence make-up. So be alert not to react impulsively to hilarious circumstances. Take it normally as you would with a simple mathematical question.

g. Be intelligent. Never doubt the capacity of artificial intelligence. What it knows may have gone beyond your own intellectual capacity. Yes! In some instances do not think superior over computers in terms of holding accurate information. Don’t we resort to them most of the time for a number of concerns? Be sure to educate yourself before simulating artificial intelligence.

Now you have all the tips on how to make people believe you are secretly an artificial intelligence. Do the basic preparations, master a computer aura, monotonous, lacks emotions, alert and prompt at all times. Who wouldn’t believe you are not powered by an artificial intelligence?