Sound Intelligent: Be Smart, Straightforward and Articulate


Sound Intelligent: Be Smart, Straightforward and Articulate


It is expected that you’ll sound intelligent if you are equipped for the task. Intelligence comes with knowledge. Now you know what it takes to be prepared. If a machine can have artificial intelligence, smart enough to assume a number of human functions, how much more a person who has all the faculties to ensure intellectual growth. However, it lacks consistency as it varies from one person to another.

Systems of artificial intelligence are way better in terms of accuracy and consistency compared to the human brain. Computers are designed for a specific task, and programmed to ensure 100% accuracy. It went through a series of tests, evaluations and dry runs before it goes to handle and process transactions. Remember, it will work on its own with minimal human intervention.

Recent advancements have enabled computer scientists to come up with artificial intelligence systems that could respond to comprehension questions, although there are limitations depending on the availability of programmed data that could match inputs from conversations. Computers are made purposely for a specific task.

Indeed, you need to sound intelligent if you wished to gain people’s interest or hold their attention long enough to appreciate your ability to perform certain functions. To minimize errors, you only have to check on possible problems that may arise and remedy should be at hand. The target is actually 100% accuracy. Any form of failure, how little it may be, affects quality and standards would be lowered remarkably.

Consider these steps to ensure that it will sound intelligent:

a. Adequate knowledge. Nothing beats being knowledgeable. That’s the main key to intelligence coupled with sound judgment. Maybe artificial intelligence is yet to acquire sound judgment. But when it comes to technical and scientific concerns, artificial intelligence seldom fail.

b. Accuracy. Errors are not acceptable. We have reached the highest level of technological advancement that has removed all options for failure. Not because it is that efficient, but because failure may cause irreparable damage to the system. Accuracy matters the most in this aspect.

c. Systematic. Rules should be followed. Any action is based on a program and response are already determined. By taking these steps, errors are avoided. There is the danger that a single error may result to a chain of failure.

d.Prompt. Artificial intelligence is known for delivering immediate results, prompt and accurate.

Artificial intelligence has gone a long way from the first time it was conceptualised. It sounds intelligent today, far intelligent than some humans holding the same task. Nothing to worry, as it is there to assist human transactions and to process matters that requires immediate results. For years, humans themselves have grown dependent on artificial intelligence to carry out their functions. And it has already carved a space in the work environment.
One couldn’t imagine how life will be without the augmentation of artificial intelligence. It has invaded the world from daily household functions, banking transactions, manufacturing, healthcare services, schools and learning institutions to bureaucratic affairs of the government.

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